No training or boarding services available at this time.

Just exercise and play time with fellow pack-mates during daycare hours.

I have 2 slots available for daycare beginning March 11th, 2018.

Your dog must be fixed and up-to-date on its vaccinations. If you want bonus points, have them checked for parasites or give them deworming medicine before bringing them to school. If I find a flea on your child, they are suspended until you take care of that problem. I highly recommend the Seresto Flea Collar. It's 50 bucks on Amazon and last for 8 months. That's $6 per month. Half the price of Frontline and I've seen it work great on dogs that didn't have success with numorous topical medications.

To keep my system flowing smoothly, you'll have to simply text me when you're on the way to pickup or drop-off your pup. That 10-15 minute warning allows me to get the pack settled down and meet you in the parking lot. You pull up, I grab the goofball, you roll out and I get to work.

If you can handle this and want to join my pack, contact me :-)


Mutt Mansion Doggie-Daycare (5am-7pm)

1 day per week is $30 per day

2 days per week is $25 per day           ($50 per week)

3 days per week is $20 per day           ($60 per week)

4 days per week is $17.50 per day      ($70 per week)

5 days per week is $16 per day           ($80 per week)

Mutt Mansion

The Mutt Mansion is a Doggie-Daycare service with a primary purpose of reducing household stress by providing exercise & socialization for fur-kids that don't get enough physical activity and/or exposure to other kids due to their parents' work schedule, physical limitations or laziness.

Mutt Manners

My secondary mission is to teach your pup Mutt Manners (Behavior Modification/Obedience Training).

Provide me with a description of undesired or inappropriate behavior (barking at doorbell, jumping on people, aggression, separation anxiety, fearfulness, excessive excitement, etc).

As I spend time with your dog, we’ll develop a leader-follower relationship based on mutual trust & respect. Once we establish that I'm the leader at the Mutt Mansion, I can begin modifying their behavior.

I keep it very simple. I communicate with them, the way they communicate with each other. I provide a leadership style that is as close to the leadership they would receive in their natural environment.

As I modify & eliminate their inappropriate behavior, I’ll let you know which training techniques work best for me at the Mutt Mansion, so that you can mimic my leadership style at home.

Mutt Master

I'll develop a foundation of Mutt Manners at the Mutt Mansion, but you'll have to become a Mutt Master and build upon that foundation. You'll have to establish yourself as pack leader and complete the training at home.

Each dog is a unique puzzle that requires a different approach. Together, through trial & error, you and I will solve this puzzle and conquer all challenges.


Mutt Mansion Missions

The primary purpose of Mutt Mansion Missions is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs that are abused, abandoned & neglected.

When I can, I foster homeless dogs at the Mutt Mansion. Using socialization, confidence building exercises, and Mutt Manners training, I try to increase the dog's chances at getting adopted.

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Check out my favorite dog-rescue below.