To begin to better understand your dog’s behavior, learn about the domestication of the wolf. Familiarize yourself with the genetic evolution of the dog.

Imagine the partnership that began to develop about 15,000 - 30,000 years ago between human & wolf. Think about the the communication & cooperation that occured between these two species. Think about the time, trust, respect, teamwork & leadership required for them to efficiently live, work, hunt and survive together.

Once you fill your brain with this new information, ensure you provide your dog everything they would receive in their natural environment (natural diet, natural leadership style, daily exercise & socialization with other dogs). They deserve it.

Tips & Tools

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I'm using this page to share all of the knowledge I have gathered since May 2012 relating to pack leadership and canine behavior.

I'll provide written advice, training videos and podcasts to share training techniques & products that will help improve your pack leadership skills.